T.I.P.S. 4 Reps History

John Vrablic founded T.I.P.S. 4 Reps in 1995 with the goal of specializing exclusively with Manufacturer's Representatives.

We began to provide counsel for many MANA (Manaufacturer's Agents National Association) through a financial planning firm in Cleveland.

In 2000 T.I.P.S. 4 Reps became 100% independant.  We felt that rather than using the experts in the financial planning firm, it was better for the reps that T.I.P.S. 4 Reps objectively and independantly would bring experts from anywhere in the nation into the T.I.P.S. 4 Reps planning model.

T.I.P.S. 4 Reps begand to expand and work with reps in the manufacturer's equipment field and from there with food service agencies.

Since than we have grown to represent reps in numerous industries and have become known as one of the leading experts in Tax, Investment, Pension and Succession Planning for reps.

We have grown our affiliated partner network to over 10 partners that are all "best of class" in their respective fields of discipline.

John Vrablic is married to Denise Vrablic and they reside in Avon Ohio.  They have 5 beautiful children and John's hobbies include coaching soccer for the local community.