Why T.I.P.S. 4 Reps?


We act as your rep and provide you with access to our affiliated partners, each experts in their respective fields.

We do not replace any existing advisors.  We bring a consortium of experts and proactive strategies to the table and work with your existing advisors to review and implement the strategies.


Creative and Proactive Strategies

We bring high level planning strategies from the market place and customize them for you, the rep and your agency.  


Saves Time

Through a strict due dilegence process, we have assembled a consortium of experts so you don't have to.


Saves Money

By working with T.I.P.S. 4 Reps, your Tax, Investment, Pension and Succession Planning merge into one overall and integrated plan.

Stop Going Direct

Going direct with your planning requires you to find and manage qualified advisors.  This can take time away from your business and costs money. 

T.I.P.S. 4 Reps has assembled affiliated partners to enable you to focus on your business.  You will have a team availabe to act and counsel you on your behalf.